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Moulding Soul with Clay

Clay Station Dhaka, what was a mere search for recreation turned out to be a thriving business bringing smile and more, to every wanderer of the place. Dhaka lacked an ideal socialising, fun-filled or a ‘me time’ place. Typically, socialisation meant going to a restaurant or a picnic. Clay Station broke that clampdown and brought a free-spirited, soul rejuvenating activity for all ages.

Clay Station was born from the need of a place for spending quality time with a loved one or even a ‘me time’. “Me and my partner explored abroad, we found various activities, and saw how much it bonds people to do something creative together,” said Sharmin Ahmed, founder of Clay Station Dhaka. They received the idea that recreation can be indoors and creative as well.

Syeda Sharmin Ahmed, is a prosperous entrepreneur, who founded Clay Station. It is a much-needed pottery studio for recreation, as well as for learning, in Dhaka. She did half of her undergrad abroad, and completed the rest half from NSU (North South University). Years of her career was spent working for MNC’s which she eventually left to pursue her own business, Clay Station.

Sharmin Ahmed believes, “Pottery is a medium that everyone can relate to.

Clay has no judgement to it, unlike painting which can be subjective and takes skill; but you can mould a clay anyway you want.

What makes it special is that the pottery studio is accessible to all. People of any age or gender can enjoy crafting with clay, either alone, or as a couple, or as a group. Her initial targeted customers were high schoolers. However, it managed to catch the eyes of adults as well. Many people find clay moulding and throwing pot on the wheel therapeutic.

The sanctum like studio is a magnum opus of Sharmin Ahmed and co-founder, Abu Sayeed Chowdhury. There was no involvement of outsourced architect or designer in the project. It is a 40 ft. container, and attached to it is a 16×40 ft. terrace, making room for about forty-five people. Keeping the place minimal and true to nature was the founder’s vision. Her first priority was to have it look aesthetically pleasing and open spaced. Hence lots of glass panels were used in the container and jute awning for the terrace. Since clay is a natural element, the idea was to have its essence in the theme of the space, as opposed to setting it up in a corporate style. The colours are neutral, ranging from white to beige, keeping it au naturel with greenery and lots of light sipping in, so that it’s just you and your pottery highlighted.

Syeda Sharmin Ahmed

Since the new studio is placed at Chef’s Table Courtside, it exposes a remarkable outdoor view to the visitors. An option for activity besides eatery pulls in a crowd to spend the whole day.

The sublimity of its openness, compels one to take a moment to slow down from their hectic life and immerse in the serenity the studio offers.

Consequently, the Clay Station Dhaka makes for the perfect place to unplug.

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